• Leighanne Stephens

Winter Garden = Summer Body

It's the time of year now where if you haven't already you're going to be putting the non-hardy plants away and getting the garden ready for winter.

Chopping down the heavy branches and tying up the plants isn't just a chore that has to be done. It's also a great way to up your overall calorie burn.

It's a bit of an immediate thing you can only really do now and then waiting until next year to start again but it can increase your NEAT.

NEAT stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis and it sounds a lot fancier than it is. It's extra calorie burn you get from activities that aren't "exercise" such as doing the school run, cleaning the windows, doing the gardening and more.

The more you do during the day the more calories you will burn it's as simple as that really.

So get your Monty Don on and sort that garden out.


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