• Leighanne Stephens

Shove Your Syns

Now i'm not going bash companies for helping people but I wont keep the fact that they do so by not teaching you how to continue on your own and therefore forcing you to keep buying into them and their products.

Calorie counting is a simple tool and actually pretty easy to learn over a short period of time.

The hard part is implementing it into your everyday life which if done gradually over time can be a piece of cake (pun intended).

Your daily staples you start to know the quantities and calorie content off by heart after a while.

Companies changing food now to be measured by points and syns instead just leads you to learn their method and only know how to track your food in that one way... by paying for it.

They value "bad food" (which in itself is damaging to your relationship with food) with points and syns that you're only allowed a certain amount of. Anything that's not got points or syns is unlimited meaning you can eat as much as you like...

So fruit is terrible because if you eat so many strawberries or whatever then it's not allowed but cauliflower rice is unlimited so apparently it doesn't contain any calories.

One company has bananas as free/unlimited but if you mash it with a fork it has points.... doesn't it do that in your tummy anyway? Mashing it up doesn't change the calorie content.

The only thing that will effect your weight maintenance is how many calories you consume in relation to how many you burn.

By calorie counting you have no "bad foods" you have food with different amount of calories. Do you want to use your daily calories on this food with lower calories and not filling or "spend" more of the calories on a something more filling.

Seeing a calorie allowance as a monetary budget is a much easier way to view it and then you can eat whatever the hell you want and lose weight!

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