• Leighanne Stephens

How to create a routine out of chaos.

Do you work long hours? Different days of the week? On a changing rota and ever changing shift pattern? It's so annoying when you see posts and promotions of creating a healthy routine to help you feel fresh in the morning and get off to a great start to your day when it feels almost impossible for you to do.

I've got news for you and I think you're going to like it.

You can still create those healthier habits and routines even when your life currently runs almost lawlessly when it comes to routine.

My ingenious idea, is that you create separate routines for different occasions.

For example;

Early shift:

Prepare breakfast and lunch the night before, have your coffee already in the cup waiting to go for tomorrow and lay everything out for you to get the most out of your time in bed and getting up as late as possible whilst maximising on the efficiency.

Mid Shift:

Prepare the food and drink and getting ready sequence ahead of time. Don't stay in bed until the last minute so that you have to mimic your early shift routine. Get up when you set your alarm so that you can enjoy a little catch up on the news/real housewives/whatever floats your boat

Late shift:

Prepare the food and drink and getting ready sequence ahead of time. Again don't sleep in so late that you're running around last minute but then again there's no need to get up ridiculously early for your shift either. Enjoy a nice slow start to waking up and getting ready.

Now this is very vague as I can't assume everyone's pre-work routines. But the main points here are, get up with your alarm, prepare your meals to take ahead of time and give yourself some enjoyment before you go.

It's so common that we rush around in the mornings and don't have much time for anything so no wonder you're in a less than great mood when you leave to go to work and grab less than great foods on your break and feel the stress levels rising.

Getting up with your alarm allows you to have the time you allocated for yourself to get ready without rushing. Meal preparation takes up such a chunk of your time when getting ready for work that doing it the day before allows you to take it slow and also allows for nicer meals to take with you and reheat rather than a ham sandwich every day. Giving yourself some enjoyment before you go wether that be a level on Candy Crush, a minute to actually sit and drink your coffee in front of the news helps lower your stress levels before you leave the house so you can tolerate TFL and turn up to work without lamping someone on a Monday morning.

Peace out,



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