• Leighanne Stephens

Can a puppy help you lose weight?

I've recently got a puppy, a white and fawn Chihuahua girl. Lots of walks, playtime and interaction leave a lot of people assuming that getting a dog is good way to lose weight. They might be wrong...

See in the beginning you can't take the dogs out until they've had all of their injection anyway and then when they can, it will be much shorter walks than in adulthood.

From personal experience too, I've noticed that the lack of sleep from waking up every 3 hours for a pee, poo, and refill break needed is a surefire way to increase your likelihood of gaining weight.

It's been widely published about how lack of proper sleep leads to lower blood sugar levels and leads to a slippery slope of peaks and troughs. In the long term it can even lead to obesity.

I was sitting wondering what to write about today and had no idea until I thought about the amount of tea i'm making today...

Having a dog prompting you to go for long walks can be beneficial to weight loss as you increasing your energy expenditure so as long as your consumption (calories in) is lower you will lose fat.

However, the fun of the puppy stages may do you more harm than good if your easily swayed in your food choices or simply just grab what you can/fancy.

Anyway here's the important part, pictures of the new pup Dolly.


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