• Leighanne Stephens

How to decide on a gym

Being in London I have the privilege of having multiple gyms all within a short distance from me. This can make it hard when choosing which gym is right for you when you’re not sure the cheapest option is your best bet…

Pick your location

When are you most likely to be going to gym, on the way to or from work? Get one directly in the route. If your going before or after your commute, then get one closer to your home for shorter travel time.

Visit the gym at the time you would normally go and workout. This will give you an idea of how busy the gym REALLY gets and not just what the staff tell you when you ask (they’re never going to tell you it’s so ramp you can barely move when you’re going to potentially sign up).

CLEANLINESS! Stale sweat from all different bodies, cold season is upon us right now. How often do these machines get wiped down and deep cleaned? Can members wipe the machines before or after use themselves too?

We never want to think of things going Heinously wrong but life happens sometimes. Ask about their emergency plans, do that have a defibrillator on site and First aid trained staff? If something was to go terribly wrong for you, you want to know you’ll be looked after in reliable hands.

Listen to every term the staff say. If they are offering a much cheaper option look at why, if they say it’s a 12 month contract IT’S A 12 MONTH CONTRACT. If you are unwilling to commit to that then ask about any clauses that would allow you to break contract and what the procedures are for cancelling memberships, referring friends and benefits. Not listening well in the first place can come back to bite you on the bum when you cancel the direct debit and then get charged late fees on the next payment.

Look beyond the deals. A bargain is great in the short term but is the gym really going to serve the training style you like, the machines and type of equipment that you like to use or want to learn to?

I currently have a 28 day fitness challenge program to help you kickstart your health and fitness routine that can be done at home OR in the gym. It’s for busy professionals who struggle to find the time to workout. If you would like more information send me a message.


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