• Leighanne Stephens

5 ways to get active this winter

If you’re much like me, when it gets to winter I hibernate, I leave the house for work and important tasks only. If you want me, I’ll be in my blanket fort, under the duvet, in my dressing gown…. With a cup of tea too.

I’m always cold, it’s just in my bones, I think I’m part reptile.

Because of this though, activity levels PLUMMET over winter and not just for me either.

So here are 5 ways we can stay active and WARM this winter.

1. Don’t bother leaving the house!

Get out of your PJs and workout from home. We tend to drop off from our gym routines at this time of year because we don’t want to go out in the cold. Bring the workout to you!

2. Park run.

If you’re bit mad lol.

3. Go Ice skating!

It’s seasonal fun that always leaves me sweating by the end of it… or maybe that’s where my anxiety levels rose 🤷🏼‍♀️. Wrap up wear extra socks and slideeeeeee.

4. Go indoor shopping!

Yes ladies, you heard me right. It’s cold outside and those Christmas presents aren’t going to buy themselves. Get yourself to the indoor shopping centre and walk around there for a couple of hours.

5. Active TV

If I’m honest I made up that name but the point is good I promise. When you’re watching your favourite show step, jog or skip through it. If you’re starting from a low base level of fitness just do it in the advert breaks only.

Have fun keeping warm with these this winter.

Peace out,


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