• Leighanne Stephens

3 ways to save time on your workouts

Working out can be quite a drag sometimes and when you’re short on time, high on stress and responsibilities it’s easy for your exercise time to get taken over by a higher priority task.

Here are 3 ways you can reduce the time you spend working out so that you can spend more time on the things that matter more:

Plan your workout ahead of time

On your lunch break or on the way to the gym get out your phone or notepad and write down what you’re going to do. This gets you in the zone to smash it out and saves you wasting time walking around the gym wondering what to do next or scrolling through youtube for 20 minutes at the gym looking for a workout you want to do.

(Bonus points if you can pick alternative exercises or equipment incase the gym is busy)

Use supersets and circuits

Supersets are the method in which you would bring two exercises together in succession rather than stop for a rest period. For example and normal set and rep method would be:

Bicep curl 3 x 10 @ 4kg (1 min rest)

Tricep extension 3 x 10 @ 3kg (1 min rest)

Super setting them looks like this: Bicep curl 1 x 10 @ 4kg (no rest) Tricep Extension 1 x 10 @ 3kg (no rest)

Bicep curl 1 x 10 @ 4kg

You get the gist so instead of standing around for an accumulative 6 minutes of rest you’ve taken them all out.

Circuits are similar but with more exercises, from 3 exercises upwards, the limit is endless, pick some exercises set the time or reps you’ll be aiming for and then complete them all successively then have a longer rest period at the completion each round. (You can add in extra short rests if certain exercises really kill you.

Strategic chatting

Chances are if you’re interested in keeping your workouts as short as possible then you probably don’t like to chat much either. Then again, you might love to chat but just end up wasting all of your workout time instead.

You’ve got to get strategic with it. If you’re using timed rest period then stick to it. When that timer dings, conversation paused/over. A quick “oh that’s my next set mate 1 sec” will keep you out of any awkward situations just cutting the conversation off bluntly.


Spend none of your workout chatting and save it for a few minutes before or after your workout.

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