For The Busy Woman That Needs Guidance.

If you know a little about your fitness, health or weight management but need some guidance on what to do for your goal then this is the program for you.

Work with me alongside a growing group of women like you to keep you on track, get you educated and feeling your best. Included in this program:

  • 30 minute or less workouts to suit your time, goals and ability

  • Weekly LIVE video calls as a group to celebrate the week, navigate obstacles in the next and ask questions

  • Group messaging in app to keep you on track and nip bad moments/days in the bud

  • Group chat to support you and others on the same journey

  • Mindset coaching to help you get out of your own way and feel your best

  • Take control of your nutrition with confidence

  • Save THOUSANDS of pounds on fads, scams and misinformation

  • Weekly educational videos empowering you on your own fitness and health journey taking the lessons with you for life

If you are finally ready to start again fresh, receive weekly coaching and open up to possibility of loving yourself again once and for all, this is the program for you.




LS Fitness By Leighanne based in South East London