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Happy Galentines Day!

Over 28 days workout just 3 times per week for 20 minutes to see fat loss results. Starting on the 1st of each month with limited spaces have your coach and program in your pocket with the training app.

For just £40 you will get included in the challenge:

  • 4 different workouts complete with warm ups and cool downs.

  • A calorie goal to ensure that you are on track to fat loss.

  • Ability to link MyFitnessPal or Fitbit to collate all your tracking information.

  • Equipment free workouts.

  • Can be completed at home or in the gym with extra equipment.

  • Develop a healthy habit over the course of the challenge.

  • In app messaging to get support, advice  and education from me whenever you need it.

  • A Group to log all participants workouts for more accountability and a sense of community.

  • Timed Interval workouts to ensure that you only spend the time you need to.

  • A fully automated timer with visual and audible cues so you can keep listening to the music and pushing on.

  • The flexibility to move workouts around.

  • The accountability to keep you completing the workouts when you said you were.

All for just £1.40 a day. There are limited spots that open every month.

LS Fitness By Leighanne based in South East London