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Online coaching is a revolutionary way of delivering the help and education you would get during 1:1 personal training but with the capacity to do, deliver and achieve more. I have been coaching for 4 years, my online clients get better results than my in-person clients because I can deliver the level of support that you need as opposed to the amount I can fit in a 1 hour in-person session.


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Coaching for the confident woman.


You know what you need to be doing but you just need someone to keep you on track and navigate how to fit it in to your life.


Group coaching for the busy woman.


Workout in under 30 minutes, live Q&A video calls, group community and so much more


Personalised 1:1 coaching for the busy woman who feels confused.

Personalised coaching, habit tracking, nutritional guidance, 1:1 video calls and much more


I'm Leighanne, your Personal Trainer ready whenever you need me. I've been coaching since 2016 and levelling up my services as often as I can ever since.

I am Mum to 4 fur babies and an aspiring traveller of the world.


I got into the fitness industry on a whim as my original choice of college course was to do car mechanics. 2 weeks before the application deadline for colleges, the course was cut due to funding and I had to find something else...quickly.

I chose Personal Training as I thought I could get a job straight out of it and didn't know what I really wanted to do with my life so I could work while I deliberated over university or not (spoiler alert: I didn't go).

On paper, this was the worst course I could have chosen. P.E., which I conveniently had a period for every week at school, and Science, which I spent most of the lessons in the corridors being sent out.

However, 6 months into the course I thought "you know what? This is cracking!" and the love and passion was found.

I worked in gyms over the years during and after my time at college and, as my confidence and knowledge grew, found that there were lots of standards that I wasn't cool with.

I would work with women whose confidence was so rock bottom it took them 6 months to build up to asking me a question. Then, I would see that as industry standard, people would order their clients on what to do so that the client never knew what to do on their own long term and keeping them on the books for longer.

Both of those really put my nose out of joint so I decided to piss a lot of people off as I aligned my work with what I believed was missing and what clients of mine deserved.

I spent time learning about the methods of coaching I could use to not order a client around but encourage, educate and empower them to not need me forever.

I learnt how to build confidence in my ladies so that they could accept their body as it was whilst working towards where they were going. They could start improving their self-image, confidence and happiness faster and seeing this spill into other aspects of my client's lives was just astonishing and beyond rewarding.

You might wonder why this rubbed some people the wrong way...

The fitness industry is built on confusion, misinformation and self loathing to make recurring money off of your insecurities. Profiteering off of people's misfortunes felt so sleazy to me and so I curated my coaching to combat this problem and flip my client's mental position 180 degrees.

Join me and my ladies from all over the UK to help me piss off the the less authentic in the industry.

Green Goodness

Gemma Pollitt

I would definitely recommend the challenge to anyone with a hectic lifestyle and wants to fit exercise into their daily routine. I love the app too

Kirsty Gunn

Leighanne is friendly, accommodating and always delivers results -100% recommend

Sandra Mwape

Leighanne has trained me to be so confident and motivated that now i can go to the gym on my own and know what to do.



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